California Leaders Comment on Equal Pay

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
“More than fifty years after the Equal Pay Act was signed into law, American women today earn approximately 80 cents to the dollar American men earn. I want to see the day when we no longer have to explain to our daughters and granddaughters why they do the same work for less pay.”


Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren
“As one of the female Members of Congress, I actively support efforts to make women’s issues part of the national political agenda, and support the key concept of equal pay for women. Equal Pay Day is important because it draws attention to the injustice of women being paid about 80% of the dollar paid to men.”


Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian
“Equal pay for equal work. It’s just that simple. Until and unless we create a system that rewards productivity without regard to gender, we still have work to do. Until and unless we ensure that the workplace recognizes worth rather than gender, we still have work to do. Let’s get it done, and let’s get it done now.”


California State Senator Jim Beall
“Breaking the barriers that still exist for equal pay for women means putting the money where your mouth is. I'm proud to have been a strong supporter since the early 1980's when San Jose became the first large city in the United States to adopt and fund a pay equity program. Santa Clara County has also had significant pay equity salary improvements, which I encouraged. Treating your employees fairly and equally is good business.”


Palo Alto City Councilmember Liz Kniss
“Equal Pay Day is important because it forces us to recognize that still, today, women are paid about 3/4 of what men are paid overall. All of us, as American leaders, employers and educators, must think about this injustice, recognize its reality, and act to overcome it.”


Santa Clara County Supervisor Ken Yeager
“Our great nation has best demonstrated its justice and sense of equality
for all during the social movements for women's suffrage, civil rights, and
gay rights. Now, we must continue our obligation by ensuring that equal
work receives equal pay. The time has passed when women are treated
separately for doing the same job as a man.”


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