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equalpay.info (developed by the Coalition for Equal Pay) provides information and links to resources about Equal Pay Day, the women’s wage gap, low salaries in women’s work occupations, equal pay for equal work, pay equity, comparable worth, non-traditional occupations for women, the glass ceiling, fair pay legislation, and organizations and coalitions that work on these issues.

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The equalpay.info website also contains the working site of the Coalition for Equal Pay, which has developed fair pay activities in the south San Francisco Bay Area since 1999. Our Equal Pay Day pages include a media information page for the South Bay, as well as links to national organizations including the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE). The NCPE initiated Equal Pay Day in 1996 to raise public awareness about the continuing problem of the women’s wage gap. Several NCPE member organizations also have extensive information for their members and the public about Equal Pay Day.

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Burma-Shave style signs on Equal Pay Day 2003